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  • Realis- Exquisite diamond ring with rubies and diamonds in yellow gold
  • Realis- Exquisite diamond ring with rubies and diamonds on model hand
  • Realis- Exquisite diamond ring with rubies and diamonds in yellow gold
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This graceful, vintage-inspired design sparkles not only from the ten exquisitely set diamonds (about 0.13 ct) and the three rubies (about 0.04 ct) but also from every enthralling surface of the elaborate 14 ct. gold ring. The auspicious color combination make a perfect everyday wear or for special occasions; Realis is timeless and never out of place.

bling. gems stand for sustainability and are 100% conflict-free. Our revenue funds projects in Africa to support communities that have been hurt by the natural diamond industry. Click here for more information.


bling. diamonds


Clarity: VS-VVS, Color: D/E/F, Cut: Excellent
bling. rubies


Sustainable lab-grown ruby, identical to its natural counterpart
Recycled yellow gold Solid 18k (750)
Sustainably sourced, exquisitely crafted

All bling. diamonds with sizes 0.5ct and above are certified by the world's largest third-party gemological institute.

Ethical Diamonds and Gems

Set in recycled gold

Exquisite Quality

Handmade in Germany

Socially Responsible

Environmental and social projects

Fair Prices

Free returns

Diamonds by bling.

All diamonds by bling. are created using cutting-edge technology, resulting in diamonds that are chemically and physically identical to the ones mined from earth. The only difference is the origin. We believe that luxury should not harm the environment nor people sharing the planet with us.

Our diamonds are graded by the 4Cs and we apply the highest standards, so that you can be sure of superlative quality. The minimum requirement for bling. diamonds are VS clarity (very slightly included) and of D/E/F/G colour (colourless).

Handcrafted to perfection

Our solid gold pieces exclusively use recycled solid gold to make sure that we cut out the unsustainable mining process for every part of bling. jewelry.

Locally crafted, every piece is evaluated carefully to the highest quality standard and only shipped out when we are satisfied in our vigurous quality control process.

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While mined diamonds are famous for their harm on nature and people, every other mined gem has the same negative impact on our world and society.

We at bling. are proud to present our full variety of lab-grown gems which are 100% conflict-free, sustainable and identical to their natural counterparts. We proudly present to you colourful lab grown sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

New to our collection are opals, topaz, and even extremely rare alexandrites and differently coloured sapphies such as yellow and orange (padparadscha).

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