bling. diamonds: ethical, sustainable and affordable

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How everything began

"A diamond which does good in the world instead of harming it"

The bling. story began in late 2019, when I was searching for a diamond engagement ring, but realized that buying natural diamonds potentially funds unethical labour practices and toxic emissions. It is still impossible to be 100% sure that a natural diamond is not a blood diamond.

As a physicist, I then searched for alternatives and thus, in 2020, the first bling. lab-grown diamond was born.

Our Idea

After a successful proposal with Hera in 2021 and our blissful union, we have created bling. together to give access to beautiful diamonds to everyone with a clear conscience. We avoid all the associations with land destruction and unethical practices, but instead invest in climate protection und humanitarian projects, which help local communities that were hurt by the natural diamond industry.

Unlike zirkonias and other simulants, lab-grown diamonds are the exact same gem stone as natural diamonds from a physical and chemical standpoint, even down to the atom. The only difference lies in the way we access the stones. Natural diamonds are often associated with pollution, human rights violation and the destruction of entire ecosystems, not to mention so-called "blood diamonds". The solution: Our lab-grown diamonds are created with modern technology exclusively for you as your very own symbol of love and eternity.

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Our contribution to the society

Our Contribution

bling. takes social responsiblity to the next level. Not only are our gem stones ethically grown, we actively support communities, which were hurt by the natural diamond industry, through humanitarian and environment-friendly projects. Up to date we have:

  • More than 100,000 litres of clean drinking water purified
  • Hundreds of kilograms of special nutrition provided
  • Equipment for schools provided

With your support we can together achieve much more.

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Our mission

bling. is a symbol for empathy and love. It is our mission to change the way we think about jewelry, so that luxury, sustainability and social responsibility can finally co-exist. 

With bling. jewelry, you not only protect our environment for future generations and workers from inhumane conditions but give back to rebuild communities, which have suffered from the natural diamond industry. It is the right choice.

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Our promise

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100% real & precious

bling. diamonds and gems are identical and exact the same to their natural counterparts physically, visually and chemically.

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100% ethical & sustainable

We carefully source all materials ethically without middlepeople. Every bling. gem is created with CO2 neutral energy and the complete journey of every bling. gem is traceable.

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100% quality

bling. diamonds and gems follow a strict quality assessment. Larger diamonds with 0.5 carat and above are certified by the world's largest third-party gemological institute. All jewelry pieces are locally hand-crafted in Berlin, Germany, with recycled precious metals.

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100% affordable

By simplifying the supply chain, cutting out middlepeople and crafting the jewelry ourselves, bling. can offer the highest quality at an affordable price.

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