Care instructions

Jewelry is one of our most meaningful accessories, which is why we want to keep it looking its best.

We understand how precious these pieces can be, so read on to find out the right way to tackle cleaning gold, diamonds, and more. We recommend cleaning and checking every piece of bling jewelry at least yearly, so that it can shine for you a lifetime.

How to Clean Gold Jewelry

Start with one piece at a time to prevent scratching. Place your bling jewelry in a solution of warm water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

Soak the jewelry for 20 minutes to allow grease and grime to come off the gold.

Use a toothbrush to give it a final clean, lightly scrubbing away any debris caught in carvings or gem settings.

Rinse well and buff dry with a microfiber cloth.

Attention: When cleaning any type of jewelry, do not use a paper towel to dry or shine the metal. The towel has fibers that can scratch the surface, especially on higher karat gold, and leave lint behind.


How to Remove Scratches

Only polishing can remove scratches from gold. However, the patina of fine scratches that develops over time can add beauty to the jewelry and reflect the journey a piece has taken. The polishing process removes metal and is only recommended to be carried out a few times over the life of the piece.

We recommend that gold only be polished by a professional. Most jewelry stores can perform polishing.


How to Clean Diamond and Gemstone Jewelry

Diamonds and other hard gemstones can easily be cleaned with a quick soak in warm, soapy water. Use a soft-bristled brush to clear away any debris trapped in the jewelry mounts, and then rinse well. While most of these gems stand up well to cleaning, skip harsh cleaners like ammonia and chlorine bleach.


Our Best Jewelry Care Tips to Try

  • Don't wait too long between cleanings. As soon as your jewelry begins to look dull, clean it the right way.
  • Don't wear your jewelry in the shower or overnight, as the metal can develop soap scum and film from body oils.
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry in a chlorinated pool or hot tub, as the chemicals are too harsh for many metals and gems.
  • Store your jewelry in soft cloth bags to prevent scratches from other metals and to prevent dust from settling on the piece.
  • Put your jewelry on last after you've applied makeup and hair products.
  • Remove rings and bracelets when applying hand lotion, and allow the lotion to dry before putting your jewelry back on.
  • Before storing a piece of jewelry, use a soft cloth to wipe away body soil and smudges.